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Class Work

Southworth Class Work and Archive


On this page is where the up to date information and photographs of all our hard work in Southworth Class will be kept during the year.


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Our Still Life Drawings

Water, Water everywhere but not a drop to drink


We have been ship wreaked with only a few items on the lifeboat.

How are we going to survive?

Can we use evaporation to help us separate the salt water solution?


Investigate and research Biomes around the world. Look at some of these websites and research the different features and qualities of different Biomes.


Anti Bullying Week

This week has been our Anti-Bullying week, we have looked at what is bullying behaviour and what to do if we think we are being bullied.

These are some of the posters we have created offering advice and information about bullying.

Picture 1

Food, Glorious Food!

Where do our favourite foods come from?

Do turkey's come from Turkey? Hamburgers from Hamburg? Arctic Roll from the Arctic?

The map below shows where some of our favourite foods come from. We have done some research into where some of our foods come from and added detail to our own maps.

Nearly 70 percent of worldwide national food supplies stem from foreign origins. The charts illustrate the ¿primary region of diversity¿ of major crops around the world, meaning the region where they ¿were initially domesticated and evolved over long periods of time, and where the diversity of traditional crop varieties and related wild plants is especially high¿

Picture 1 When we decide what to research.

Southworth Hoo Discovery

Look at some of the artefact that Southworth Class has discovered!

Anglo-Saxon visitor.

We had a visit from a Anglo-Saxon, we spent the morning being attacked, attacking, being buried and doing some Anglo-Saxon chores.


The Giant Benandonner that stormed across the field and left a threatening note turned out to be Mr Devine and Mr Lowe playing a trick on the Year 5 and 6's. They say it was to get some good writing, but it was probably a prank they took too far.

Picture 1