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'With Jesus, we learn as a joyful family and flourish to be the best that we can be'

Marsden - Year 3

Marsden Class - Year 3


Mrs McRae - Class teacher

Mrs Evans - Teaching Assistant


Welcome to the Marsden Class's webpage!  Please check back regularly for updates about our curriculum and events during the year.


The Blessed William Marsden gave his life heroically on the Isle of Wight in 1586.  He was shipwrecked there due to a thunderstorm at sea.  While he was heard praying. he was arrested for treason.  He became a martyr after spending time in prison and he used his execution to warn others that it was treason to become and priest on the Isle of Wight and to travel to England thereafter.



Our online scrapbook will have photographs of our favourite moments throughout the year.


Letters and Curriculum Overview

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