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Week 6 (11th to 15th May)

This week, you will be learning about Claude Monet, a famous artist.  He was most famous for his paintings of water lilies and ponds on his property in France.  He lived from 1840 to 1926.  He was born in Paris, France, but he moved to the village of Giverny.  Monet spent a lot of time gardening and planting water lilies at his home.  He created over 250 paintings of his water lilies on oil canvases.  


Monet used a technique called impressionism which means he painted outdoors and 'on the spot' instead of in an art studio.  Mostly, impressionist paintings were of landscapes and scenes of everyday life.


You can learn more about impressionism by clicking this link:


Look at the slides on this PowerPoint:

All of the slides have a water theme.  Look carefully at each picture and think about how the painter has shown the water.

Does it look calm?

Does it look stormy?

Is there anything else in the picture?

What catches your eye?

What do you like or dislike about each picture?

How does it make you feel?


As I mentioned to you before, you will be focusing on Claude Monet and his paintings.  The last three slides on the PowerPoint have his paintings for you to study.


Your task

Choice A

Copy one of Monet's paintings using any art resources that you have at home.


Choice B

Create your own Monet-style water picture.  You could use ideas from Monet to create your own design using any art resources that you have at home.


You can do your artwork in your red home learning book or on paper that you have at home.