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Class Photos

Week 5 Home Learning

In Expressive Arts and Design this week our focus was 'looking for signs of spring'.The children in school enjoyed hunting around our school science garden with their spring checklists and magnifying glasses. They recorded any of the spring items they found and we collected some leaves/twigs/bark to use in class later on.

Back in class we then used our creative skills to complete some observational drawings of a daffodil plant and make collages using all of the natural resources we found outside. Take a look at our spring hunt photographs below. 

Week 4 Home Learning

This week in 'Lockdown' Barlow, we enjoyed exploring the snow in the outdoor area. The children worked together to build a class snowman, had a snowball fight and even made their own snow angels. As well as having lots of fun we learnt a lot about snow including; 


  • When we hold the snow it melts in our hands, as our bodies have a higher temperature than the snow
  • The snow makes lots of different noises when we step on it; crunch, crackle and squeak
  • If we continuously roll the snow it makes one large snowball


Take a look at our photos below to see us exploring the snow:

Week 3 Home Learning

This week in between the heavy showers, Barlow Class enjoyed getting out into the science garden to help prepare it for spring. 

The children helped to weed the planters and prepare the soil ready for spring seeds to be planted. They also found lots of bugs including; spiders, snails and slugs, which the children enjoyed looking through using the magnifying glasses. 

This then inspired lots of our budding artists to recreate their favourite insect on the creative table using lots of different materials and tools for drawing.


Take a look at us helping out in the science garden.