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Easter Wreath

Every year, I like to make this Easter wreath with my students.  I have included photos for you to see how it should look at the end.  This wreath shows all of the events during Holy Week.  You may wish to make one part of it for each day of Holy Week, or make it all at once.  It does take some time and patience to finish it. 

Top tip:  Lay out your pieces in order after you colour them before you glue them onto your circle shape.


1. To make the wreath, print, colour and cut out the pictures.  Click the three documents here and print them.  If you do not have a printer, then you can draw and make your own. 


2. For the wreath base, you could make a large circle (about 30 cm in diameter) out of card.

3. When you arrange your scripture eggs and pictures, follow this order to make sure it matches what happens during Holy Week:

1. Jesus enters Jerusalem (palm branch and donkey pictures)
2. The Last Supper (bread and wine pictures)
3. Jesus Prays in Gethsemane (praying hands picture)
4. Jesus is Crucified (cross picture)
5. Resurrection (empty tomb picture)
6. Ascension (Jesus in clouds picture)
7. Holy Spirit Comes Down (dove and flames pictures)

4.  Arrange and glue your pictures and scripture verses on your wreath.  You will need to overlap some of them to make them fit onto the circle.  Here is what the wreath will look like when you are finished: 

Easter Cards

If you would like to make Easter cards for your family or just to decorate your room, then you can use these ideas for inspiration.  Try to use different craft objects to decorate your card other than crayons or felt tips.  By using pom-poms or other 3-D craft materials, you can make your card really stand out!  You can also try being creative with your fonts to make your card special, too.


Ideas for what to write on the card: 

Messages for the front of the card

Rejoice!  He is risen!

Happy Easter!

Easter Blessings

Easter Greetings

Messages for the inside of the card

Jesus is risen.  Have faith in Him and He will always be there for you.  Have a Happy Easter!

Easter is a time to celebrate Jesus.  He is risen!  Alleluia!

Jesus loves you!  For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life.

The first Easter morning, God filled the earth with hope so real, joy so pure and love so true that our hearts still rejoice today.


Ideas for pictures for the front of the card:

Easter and Springtime Crafts

This website has so many adorable Easter and Springtime craft ideas it will be hard to choose just one!  There are links on the site for each individual craft.  When you find one that you would like to make, each craft's website has easy step-by-step instructions with photographs to show you how to complete your creation at home.