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'With Jesus, we learn as a joyful family and flourish to be the best that we can be'


At St. Mary’s and St. Benedict’s we aim to provide a curriculum that inspires pupils to become life-long learners, with a sense of service to the world that they live in and the people that live in it with them.

We believe our pupils will be life-long learners if they are able to be confident, independent, curious, open-minded, enthusiastic, observant, co-operative and resilient individuals. We shape our curriculum to provide opportunities for pupils to demonstrate all of these qualities.


Our curriculum aims motivate children to:


  • Be curious and ask questions
  • Evaluate and reflect
  • Work collaboratively
  • Apply their learning
  • Solve problems whilst developing resilience
  • Communicate their learning
  • Challenge ideas


Our curriculum is progressive and ensures children build on their skills and knowledge. We ensure we monitor and evaluate our curriculum regularly to meets the needs of our children. We aim to engage our children with varied and exciting lessons which offer both challenge and support. 


Members of our Governing Body are also linked to our curriculum areas to provide challenge and support. Our curriculum approach complies with the duties in the equality Act 2010 and the SEND Code of Practice as we strive to make our curriculum accessible for children with additional needs (see the SEND page and SEND sections within subject areas for further information). 


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