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Daily Activities - Set by your class teacher

Hello everyone,


I hope that everyone is okay and you are all ready to work from home.  I know that it is a bit different to being at school and I don't want you worrying.  To start with I am just going to put a day at a time up on the website until everyone has got used to it all.


Please keep reading your books at home and if you finish both then you can read other books that you may have.  Each read counts towards your 150 reads.


Also, please keep going on your TTRockstars and trying to get faster.  There is also 'hit the button" game which is good for times tables.  You can click on the links for these in the homework folder on our class page.


Look after yourselves!


Miss Mercer :)

Subtraction methods

Subtraction through the vertical columnar method
Subtraction through partitioning