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LO: To create a design for a Greek pot, plate or cup


What kinds of things would you expect to see on a Greek pot or plate?


Work through the powerpoint below – History.


What is the origin of Greek pottery and what are the types of designs you would see on them? Pick out particular aspects (e.g patterned borders, geometric shapes, black figures, action etc.) Think about what we have been learning in English and topic.


What else might you see? Gods, heroes, animals etc.


Look at the design sheets with the different images of Greek vases/pots/plates etc.


Sketch two designs – one for a small pot/cup, one for a plate. These can be coloured with traditional colours if you have them available at home (browns, oranges, beiges, blacks). You are more than welcome to use the mythical creature you designed last week and your hero/heroine! It is entirely up to you.


Then choose: will you be creating a pot, cup or plate?