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This week, you will look at the types of foods we need to eat to stay healthy through listening to songs and reading information, designing a menu and even creating your own active shake-up activity.


First, watch and enjoy this song called the Keeping Healthy Song:


Next, think about what you have learned after watching and enjoying the song.  You may need to watch it again if you cannot remember what the singer was saying.


Now, look at this website called NHS -- Eat Well Guide 

Hint:  You will need an adult to help you to read, navigate and discuss the text on this website.


After that, create, draw and label your own Eat Well plate.  Organise your plate into sections for the following:

  • carbohydrates
  • protein
  • dairy foods
  • fruit and vegetables

You could present this by drawing on a paper plate or making your own plate out of paper or cardboard.


Lastly, display it in your kitchen for everyone in your family to see.  Next time you eat your dinner, try to identify all the foods on your plate and choose which food group to which they belong.​​​​​​​