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Following on from yesterday, you will now write a letter to the Hungry Caterpillar including a list of foods to stay healthy.  The menu you created yesterday will help with your ideas but you can add new foods or choose to change your ideas for your letter.  Remember to give advice about a balanced diet including protein, carbohydrates, dairy and fruit and vegetables.  Provide some advice about not eating too many foods in the same food group or too many sweets, crisps and cake.  Please check all spelling and punctuation after you have completed your letter.  Send your letter to me using the Purple Mash e-mail service and I will add it to our class's online scrapbook.  Use the ideas below to help you write your letter: 


Dear Hungry Caterpillar, 

I think you need to eat different foods so you have a healthier diet.


I would recommend that you eat these foods:

On Monday, make sure you eat some ... so that you get some protein.  On Tuesday, ...  On Wednesday, ...  On Thursday, ...  On Friday, ...  On Saturday and Sunday, you can treat yourself to ...


Please avoid eating too many ...


If you follow my advice, I think you will be healthy and very happy.  You can then be called The Very Healthy Caterpillar!


Kind regards, 

(Sign your name)