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Before you read the story opening today, look at the words listed below:

savanna, endless, supply, horizon, bored, border, speck


Now, write these words down.  Look up each word and find synonyms for each one using a thesaurus or  If you explore these words before you read today, then you will understand the story better later.


Next, read and enjoy the opening to Yours Sincerely, Giraffe by Megumi Iwasa.  You will have to use the login information that you created on Monday when you read the first chapter of Mister Cleghorn's Seal.


After you have read the opening of Yours Sincerely, Giraffe, you need to return to the word list and spot the words in the story.  Think about these words within the story and what they mean.


Explore the words lonely and bored in a thesaurus or on  Write down any synonyms that you find for these words.  While you do this, think about how the giraffe is feeling in the story.


Now, your task is to write short sentences to create a poem using some of the new words you have found.  Publish your poem by writing it in your best handwriting or typing it on Purple Mash.  Add some images or illustrations.  You can send this to me using your Purple Mash e-mail and I will add it to our class's online scrapbook for everyone to see.




Giraffe is feeling lonely, 

Giraffe is feeling unloved,

Giraffe is feeling unwanted, 

Giraffe is feeling outcast,