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During this week and previous weeks, you have explored a range of characters including:  

Aslan; The White Witch; Peter Pevensie; Susan Pevensie; Edmund Pevensie; Lucy Pevensie; Tumnus; Mr. Beaver; Mrs. Beaver; Mister Cleghorn; Mr. Hoppy; and Giraffe. 


Think about and make a list of all of the characters you have read about.  (This may be a long list, so you may want to stop when you reach your 20th character.)  Remember to include capital letters for names of characters.  You can use characters from any of the other books we read this year in class, too.


Now, select five characters that you know a lot about and you would like to focus on for your task which will be to make Top Trumps cards for your characters using the information you have read.


View this clip about how to create Top Trumps cards from LPDS TV.  Stop the video at the 3:45 mark.

You could use the following categories for your Top Trumps cards: 

Wisdom, Strength, Humour, Honesty, Greed, Top Trumps Rating


You could also include a description about the character and the book they feature in.  


Finally, choose your winner!  Show your cards with your family members.  If you can, take photos of your Top Trumps cards and send them to me using your Purple Mash e-mail so that I can post them on our class's online scrapbook.