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This week and next week, the English unit focuses on defying gravity!  You will explore poems, stories and movies themed around the air and flying.  Also, you will be finding facts and delving into the history of flight.  You might possibly end up being blown away!


Today, watch and enjoy the short film Fantastic Flying Books of Morris Lessmore.

Now, watch the video again, but stop the video at the 4:33 mark.


Next, think about verbs that could describe how the man is moving in the storm and how the books are flying later on.  For example, you may think of twirling, swirling, tumbling.


After that, use a thesaurus or to find synonyms for your words.  Write your synonyms down.


Then, create an "-ing poem" about flying using some of the verbs you have explored.


Begin your poem by describing what happened to Mr. Lessmore at the start of the clip.  For example, describe how he was flying not through choice and in a dangerous way.  Next, describe the books flying in the air.  For example, you may say that they are purposeful and elegant.  Write your poem out neatly and decorate it with pictures of flying books around it.



Whisked away by the gusts of wind, 

Falling, gliding, tumbling, diving.

Trying to catch a hold, 

Bumping, reaching, grabbing, plunging.


The elegant books soaring through the sky. 

Gliding, drifting, hovering, fluttering. 

Waiting for the right person to come along, 

Coasting, skimming, floating, cruising.