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Go to and go through each of the tabs - learn more about the areas which make up Oliver's London. Go through unfamiliar vocabulary such as “destitution” and “squalor” . Why do you think this was the case back in the Victorian era?

This is the type of language you would expect to see in Victorian historical fiction as to make the era sound more believable.


Expanding on what makes a fictional piece historical that we looked at on Thursday, can you remember the third element?


Setting, historical people and the third is dialogue and language used.


Listen to first section of Oliver Twist (David Lean’s Black and White version link above) sound only- DON'T watch it!! - to where the baby is born. Then re-listen and make notes on sounds heard.

What do you think is happening in this part of the film? Watch the same section without sound and only the picture instead. Is it easier to tell what is happening when you can see the picture?


Then rewatch the scene – how does having both help your understanding? What is the impact of the sound on the feeling and atmosphere of that opening scene. Was the sound so important here? The director has used visual and aural symbols/clues in this part of the film e.g bending girl, bending tree, screeching  violins = PAIN!


How can we portray the same feeling in text? When films do it all for us and so brilliantly, how we can convey the same emotion in our writing? 


The film- maker wanted to portray pain in the opening scene of the film.

Task: Imagine that you were that person stranded in the middle of the wood. What would you do to portray fear. What might you hear, what might you say about the light? What might you see? What would the weather be like?



It was a chill, damp and windy night. The mud lay thick upon the stones, and a black mist hung over the streets; the rain fell sluggishly down, and everything felt cold and clammy to the touch.


After reading the extract, answer the following questions:


1. Which adjectives make you feel fearful?

2. Why has Dickens chosen to use windy and misty weather? 

3. What does the word ‘sluggishly’ mean? Why is this a good choice?


Now, write your own.

You need to write 3 sentences.

It must be about one person, on their own, in a setting

It must be believable.