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Wednesday, Thursday & Friday


I have assigned you all a book called Max goes to Jupiter on Get Epic to read - code kbg5717. Linking nicely to our Sci-fi theme. Aim to read around 10 pages per day so that by Friday you have completed it and can attempt the quiz! Please note down any unfamiliar and interesting vocabulary that you could use in your own writing. 


Watch this short clip -


Load up the Powerpoint - In your own words try and define what you think science fiction is. If you’re not sure think about where else you have heard the words separately and infer and deduce a definition from your prior knowledge.

Work through slides thinking about genre and what it is. What books, films and TV can you name that is sci-fi?


Activity: Now you know a little about the sci-fi genre, split one of your pages into 4 sections. In each of the four boxes draw an image that represents the sci-fi genre. It could be a setting (e.g. Space),a character (e.g. An alien) or a piece of technology (e.g. A laser gun).


Then use your new images as a storyboard. Write a small description for each image – try and link the images together in a mini saga (very short story!)

Introduction – Have a look at the selection of futuristic/science fiction related images. How might these images depict ‘life in the future’?

Today we are going to mind map some ideas about science fiction!! cheeky


Activity – Go through the Powerpoint making predictions for the future about different aspects of life – thinking 200 years ahead. Put together a mind map and create a two minute presentation on what they think it will be like. You can do this on Purple Mash or Powerpoint or anything else you would like to do it on. 

Grammar – What is a time adverbial? Song


I have taken photographs from our new text we would have been reading in class called, 'Space Pirates’ (Space Pirates and other sci-fi stories.) Can you firstly make predictions about what you think will happen from the title of the story. Why do you think this?


Read the pages up to pg45 – as you are reading, do you understand all of the vocabulary? Write down unfamiliar or interesting vocab!


Activity – Use the text and PEE (Point Evidence Explain) to decide whether the questions below are true or false.


Use tentative language to propose, express and refine ideas, e.g. I wonder whether…; Maybe…; At first I thought…, but now… linking to predictions initially made.

Use the text to find out if these statements are true or false. Write out the text which gives evidence to show this.

e.g. The landing site was empty. (pg 41)

          FALSE – The sandy ground was crowded with other spacecraft and beings everywhere.

  1. It was morning. (pg 41)
  2. The Happy Rakers wasn’t overly big. (Pg 41)
  3. Kyle was feeling sorry for himself. (Pg 42)
  4. Rigel 3 was a really exciting place to visit. (Pg 42)
  5. Kyle had access to the intenet. (Pg 43)
  6. Kyle was quite happy sat waiting for dad. (Pg 43)
  7. Dad was in a rush to get the engines going. (Pg 44)
  8. G-force slows things down. (Pg 45)