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Now that you have learned about Roald Dahl, you are going to practise putting the facts you have collected into sentences about Dahl's life.  I want you to use fronted adverbials with commas for each sentence that you write today.  They can be adverbials for when or how.  

Here are some examples of fronted adverbials that you can use: 

Soon,In __________ (month),
On ________ (date),After a while, 
As soon as he could,Before long,



On 13th September 1916, Roald Dahl was born in Cardiff, Wales.  

Sadly, when he was only four-years-old, his father and sister passed away.


Please underline any fronted adverbials you use.  Remember to include a comma after your adverbial phrase.


Today, you will begin planning your biography about Roald Dahl.  If you need to collect more information for your research template from last week, then please do that first.  The links to information about Roald Dahl can be found on the page for last week's home learning tasks.


Please see the planning sheet below.  Today, you will choose your first subheading.  In class, we will be writing about Dahl's childhood.  Choose your facts about his childhood and place them beside the bullet points.  The facts do not have to be complete sentences, but instead can be jottings.  (You will turn them into complete sentences when you write in your blue English book.)  


After you write your facts, then I want you to choose adverbs that you will use in your biography about Roald Dahl.  Add these to the section that says "fronted adverbials."  Some examples could be soon, after a while, or eventually.  Fronted adverbials come at the beginning of a sentence and tell when, where, or how something happened.  They are also followed by a comma.

Thursday and Friday

Today, you need to finish your planning sheet for your Roald Dahl biography.  You will choose the two remaining subheadings for your biography.  In class, we chose "Education and Work" and "Dahl's Legacy" for the last two subheadings.  Then, we added four details beside the bullet points to match the subheading.  (You may need to do more research about Roald Dahl if you are finding it tricky to remember the facts that we learned in class.)


After you plan out your subheadings and details, then you need to choose subordinating conjunctions and adverbs that you will use in your biography.  Here are choices for subordinating conjunctions:  because, if, since, although, as, after, before.  If you are stuck for adverb options, then here are a few choices:  eventually, sadly, boldly, nervously, happily, courageously.


In class on Friday, we are also going to begin writing our Roald Dahl biography.  You need to look at your planning sheet and turn your ideas into complete sentences.  In every sentence, try to use a fronted adverbial phrase, subordinating conjunction or an adverb.  If you can do this, then you will be achieving the writing objectives for Year 3.  You can write your biography on paper or you can type it and send it to me through Purple Mash.