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Today is report writing day, remember these points from yesterday that I asked you to think about:


Writing your report.

What do we need to think about when we write?

1.) The subject- What will your title be? Can you write a brief introduction to it? Can

you use rhetorical questions?

2.) What tense will it be written in?

3.) What kind of language will be used? Who is your audience? Will this change?

4.) How will you grab the reader’s attention? Can you think of sentences starters,

words and phrases to hook in your audience and create interest?

5.) Have you considered the cohesive devices you will use to help structure your

piece? Adverbs, prepositional phrases, conjunctions? 

6.) What will the layout look like? Will you include images?


  • Independently write your own report on the invention of Lego. Don’t forget all the information you have gathered this week and your work yesterday. I am looking for a range of sentence structures, presenting your work in a range of interesting ways.



- Sentence structure – mixture of simple/complex sentences

- Noun phrases

- Relative clauses (who, which, that)

- Different sentence openers – ing, ed, ly

- Adverbials

- Time conjunctions

- Brackets, commas or dashes for parenthesis – to add extra/additional information


Check your work when you have finished using a dictionary for spellings, maybe a thesaurus to up level some words. Have you remembered your full stops and capital letters in the correct places?