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Friday 11th June

Next steps: time yourself writing down the answers to the times table challenge.  See how many you can do in 3 mins

English: this lesson follows on from the lesson yesterday.  You need to make sure that you have completed that lesson before you can do this one.

Following on from converting units of measurement in class, and the lesson yesterday, we are going to be looking at converting metric units today.

LO: To retrieve information

Read the text for the level that you select and answer the questions.  Remember to challenge yourself and work out where you have gone wrong for any corrections.

Look again at the slides from yesterday.  Check that you are happy with the work that you produced for task 1.  If you need to edit it and add more detail, try to do this now.  Then, complete task 2.  Remember that you need to bring this work back into school when we return.