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Friday 12th February


GPS Starter:

Practise adding -ed ending to these verbs. Don't forget our rules- if ends in a vowel then a consonant and makes a short vowel sound, then double the consonant before you add the suffix. If the word ends in an 'e' then drop the e before you add the suffix.

jump → jumped

wash →

stop →

hum →

skate →

blame →



Main Activity

Friday 12th February

L.O: To write an acrostic or a rhyming poem

This is our last day on poetry for a while. Today, you are going to have a go at writing either an acrostic poem linked to our explorer theme or have a go at writing a poem on our explorer theme that rhymes. You can decide which type of poem you want to do.

Acrostic poems

Remember acrostic poems spell the word the poem is about downwards. (See example attached.) Your word downwards can spell -explorers or jungle or antarctic or underwater or arctic or space (or think of one of your own linked to our theme.)

It is useful to jot down some words linked to your theme- so for example, if you were doing a poem about antarctic (explorers) you could jot down some words that you would want to include in your poem- cold, snow, white, freezing, trek etc. Then try and put these into a line beginning with the correct letter.      All round is white

                          Nothing but snow and ice     etc

Rhyming Poems

Again start by jotting down some words you might use on a scrap piece of paper. See if you can find words to rhyme with your antarctic words

e.g  white   and    bright

       snow   and    go

Once you have a few sets of rhyming words like above, try putting them into your poem. Rhyming poems usually (although not always) have their rhyming words at the end of line 2 and the end of line 4.

For example,

Crunching through the frozen arctic,

I look around and all is white.

The snow is deep and freezing

Everywhere is glistening bright


Your rhyming poem doesn't have to be very long , just one or two verses.


Mental Maths Starter:

Count in 5s forwards and backwards to 100. Don't always start at 0, start at 10, 45, 25 etc.

Main Activity


L.O: To understand the link between multiplication and division.

Work through the Oak Academy lesson and talk to your grown up about how multiplication and division are linked. Complete the independent task in the lesson. The worksheet that is attached to the lesson appears to be the wrong one, so if you just pause the video when there is 3.11 minutes left, just look at the arrays on screen and then write 2 multiplication and 2 division facts for each one.




Complete the extension activity. There are 3 differentiated sheets.



Friday 12th February

L.O: To understand the words of the Eucharistic prayer

Watch the powerpoint and talk about the special words of the prayer with your grown up. Draw a picture of Heaven and Earth and write some of the words from the prayer around your picture.