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'With Jesus, we learn as a joyful family and flourish to be the best that we can be'

Friday 13th November


Immediate Engagement: Can you use the conjunction 'and' in a super sentence?


LO:To write my own story.

Finish the middle and end sections of your own dragon stories. Remember to make sure your story is similar to 'Zog', but with your own dragon character.


EXT: Can you write a review for your story? How many starts would you give it? Why should people read it?



Immediate Engagement: Find number bonds to 10 (e.g. 2+8=10).


LO: To solve subtraction problems.

Look at the subtraction challenge sheets from 20 and use the number lines to solve the challenges.


EXT 1: Can you write 3 of your own subtraction challenges for your grown up to solve?


EXT 2: Can you fill label three jugs of water (full, half full and empty). ***Make sure your grown up is there to help.***


RE: Baptism

LO: To recognise the role of Godparents.

Look at the 'Christening PowerPoint' below.

Think about the role of Godparents in a new baby's life. How will they help and support them? What will they teach them about Jesus? Write three sentences to explain how Godparents show love and care.