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Friday 15th January


GPS Starter:

Today we are looking at words with "ul" sound at the end. This can be written as:-

-le (table),

-el (channel), 

-al  (final)

-il. (pencil)

The most common, the one we use the most is -le.

Put the heading -le in your book.

Look at the list of -le words on the attachment below. Copy 10 of these words into your book (there are LOTS so you can choose which ones.) Choose 4 of the words and write them in a sentence.

I have also attached a word search on -le words if you want to do some extra! 

Main Activity

Friday 15th January

L.O: To write the opening of an explorer story.

Today, we are going to write the opening of our own explorer story, based on Dougal's Deep Sea Diary. Look back at your plan from yesterday. Today you are going to:-

  • introduce your character
  • describe your character  (lots of adjectives)
  • say where your character is going on their explorer holiday
  • describe the setting-the place (lots of adjectives and interesting words)     

Then you will stop. Don't go any further with your story, we will carry on with the next part tomorrow.

Give your story a title e.g, Jake's Amazing Jungle Adventure

Make sure you have a good story opening e.g, " One bright, summer's morning...." You can keep the character of Dougal if you want or you can choose a new explorer. Make sure you give them a name and describe what they look like, what they are wearing, what they are like e.g brave, adventurous etc. Say where they go on the exploring holiday- (whatever place you wrote on your plan yesterday.) Describe this setting- jungle, desert etc. Is it hot/cold/rainy etc? Is it a busy place with tourists or is it really quiet? Say what things are there- lots of trees, bushes, colourful flowers, rocky crags, open fields etc. 

Try to use adjectives, adverbs, conjunctions, correct punctuation and interesting words in your opening. Remember to keep checking your spelling (use your phonics) and grammar and lastly..... keep your handwriting neat (lead ups, flicks, finger spaces and letters sitting on the line.) When you have finished your opening paragraph, re-read it back to check it makes sense and to find any mistakes.



Mental maths starter:

Practise counting forwards and backwards in 2s to 100. Don't always start at 0. Try starting at other even numbers- Can you start at 14? Start at 36. Start at 92 and go backwards.


Count in 2s forwards and backwards to 100 but start at odd numbers. Can you start at 9 or 27. Can you count back in 2s from 55?



Main Activity


L.O: To read and interpret scales (mass)

Work through the Oak academy lesson on interpreting scales when weighing objects. There is an extra worksheet to complete too, as the Oak Academy worksheets are quite short. 



Friday 15th January

L.O: To know that there are 4 Gospels in The New Testament

There are 4 Gospels in the New Testament. They are named after the people who wrote them-Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. They describe the life of Jesus, his life on earth, his birth, his teaching, the friends he called to help him and his Death and Resurrection.

 The Gospel writers wrote for different reasons and different groups. Look at God’s Story 2 pages 52-53 below, talk about the stories depicted in the thought bubble pictures by each writer, those are the stories you find in that Gospel.   (Matthew – Visit of the Wise Men God’s Story 2 page 60, Mark – Jesus’ friends God’s Story 2 page 66, Luke – Zacchaeus God’s Story 2 page 71, John – The promise of the Spirit God’s Story 2 page 81.)

Answer these questions:- ( you only need to say them not write them)

  1. How many Gospels are there?
  2. What are the names of the Gospels?
  3. How do the Gospels help us?

Activity 1

Jesus said:-

  • Love one another. I love each one of you’ and,
  • ‘You are my friends.’ 
  • Choose one of these sayings and describe how it can be lived out at home, in school, in the parish etc. Draw a picture and write 2 or 3 sentences underneath.