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Friday 18th September



Play little bird spelling game to practise your tricky words.

Main activity

Friday 18th September

Next week, we are writing our version of The Jolly Postman. Today, we are planning our story. First, split page into 4 and draw pictures to create a new storyboard. You can decide on the characters that the postman meets. Box 1 = Postman’s first stop and the character he finds there. Write the name of the character in the box. Box 2= His second stop and the character he finds there. 3 = Arrival of bad character. Give your character a name. 4 = Ending. E.g. Police arriving. 

Give your postman a different name, e.g The Happy Postman or The  Cheerful Postman.



Mental starter: 

Practise your number bonds to 10. Say your number bonds to 10 with your grown up - 0 + 10 = 10, 1 + 9 = 10 etc

Main activity


L.O: To partition numbers in different ways

Watch the powerpoint on partitioning and talk about it with your grown up. We usually partition 2 digit numbers by splitting into tens and ones but we can partition in different ways.

23 = 20 + 3

23 = 10 +13


35 + 30 + 5

35 = 20 + 15

Try these:-







Friday 18th September

L.O: To recognise how animals are the same

We are learning about animals in our science work. Watch the two powerpoints on animals movement and animal offspring. Talk to your grown up about how animals all move, breathe, eat, have coverings (fur, skin etc), have babies.

Now complete the worksheet on how animals are the same. In a box, draw 2 animals that both move e.g a snake slithers and a dog runs. Another box draw 2 animals that have coverings, e.g a bear has fur and a fish has scales. Complete all the boxes.