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Friday 1st May

Mental Maths

Practise counting in 10s. Then move on to recalling multiplication facts from the 10 times table. So you grown up might ask you, what is 5 x 10? (or what are 5 lots of 10.) Then they might ask you what is 9 x 10? What are 3 lots of 10?  etc. Just up to 12 x 10. 


Main Activity


L.O: To create a tally chart and block graph.

Watch the powerpoint on handling data. We are not talking about walking to school but it is the simplest powerpoint to show you tally charts and block charts/graphs.


Tallying- Make sure you understand about tallying. We do one line for each person. When we get to 5, we put the line diagonally across the 4 others. Then we leave a space before we start our next group of 5. This makes it easier when we are counting the total because we can just count in 5s!


Then you are going to complete the tally chart and block graph about favourite colours. Do either the one star or the two star sheet (either page 1 or 2) but I want you all to do the questions on page 3. If you don't have a printer, you can draw yourself a tally chart and block graph in your book.



You could ask your family/friends, which are their favourite fruits and make a tally chart and block graph. You could give them 5 fruits to choose from. You may want to text grandma, uncle, friends etc and ask them what their favourite fruit is, so that you have more data!