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Friday 1st October


GPS Starter:

Practise using conjunctions. Use and, but, because and so to join sentences together. Underline your conjunction in each sentence. For example- It was a cold day but we still went to park.


Main activity

Friday 1st October

L.O: To identify the features of a set of instructions.

Today, we are looking at the features of instructions. With your grown up, look at the different examples of a set of instructions. What do you notice is the same in all of them? (Main heading, what you need section etc)

Using bullet points, make a list of all the features of instruction writing. If you can, print out one of the instructions and label all the features.


Mental maths starter.

Practise counting forwards and backwards in 2s. Start at 0. Can you do it starting at 1?

Main Activity


L.O: To subtract a one-digit number from a 2-digit number.

Today we are looking at subtraction. Talk to your grown up about what happens when we take numbers away. Complete the task sheets.


Friday 1st October

L.O: To reflect on our 'new beginnings' topic.

This is the end of our new beginnings topic. Today, we are going to reflect and think about what we want to hold on to from this topic. In class we are having our collective worship, so you may want to light a candle or play some quiet music as you think about what you have learnt. Talk to your grown up about when you have had a new beginning and how you felt. Who is always with us in a new beginning?

In your book, draw and write what you want to remember from this topic.