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Friday 20th November


To practise posing questions and using question marks, make up 6 questions using this week's spellings. (Then you are practising those at the same time!) E.g Is Easter always in April? Don't forget capitals for months of the year.


Main activity

Friday 20th November

L.O: To practise making nouns plural.

Watch the powerpoint on plurals. Talk to your grown up about the different endings/rules for making plurals. Look especially on how words ending in f change to v then add -es like elf =elves.

Then complete the worksheet (page 3) using the separate word list (page 2). 

Mental Maths Starter

We are beginning to learn to count in 3s. Count forwards in 3s to 30.


Main activity


To finish our learning for now on capacity, have a go at the problems involving capacity. If you need to, use a piece of paper to work out your answer like we do in class or show your working out in your book, then write the answer. Maybe start at about card 7 (the first ones are more practical)- it's up to you. You don't have to do all of them.


You would have been finishing off your Great Fire of London lever picture this week in class (don't worry, you can finish it when you come back to school) Instead today you can draw a background picture of The Great Fire of London. Use orange, red and yellow to do the background/sky. (Top half of picture) Then draw the outlines of buildings/silhouettes in black and colour in black. Add some flames o your picture if you want. See example below.