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Friday 22nd January

Happy Friday everyone,


Well done for completing another week of Home Learning and working so hard.  Please remember to ask your parent to send me a photograph of a piece of English and Maths work from this week if you have not already done so.


Have a great weekend!


Miss Mercer :)


Next steps: Following on from yesterday, you are going to use your knowledge of your times tables and the grid method to work out these calculations.  Remember to apply previous learning for how to make it easier if you are multiplying a number by 10 and 100.

34 x 8 =      , 43 x 9 =    , 123 x 3 =     , 342 x 3 =    , 421 x 4 =    , 562 x 5 =  


Spelling test - ask an adult to test you on your homework spelling words from this week.  Write out 3 times any that you get wrong.



Maths - click on the link to take you to today's lesson.  You are going to use your understanding of both area (inside measurement) and perimeter (outside measurement), to help you complete the work. You will investigate the relationship between area and perimeter and use this knowledge to solve problems.
In this lesson, we will write the closing paragraph of a non-chronological report.  It is really important that you make this paragraph as good as your other paragraphs so that you have a good piece of writing.  After completing your work, go back and complete a full edit of your writing like you would in class.  Think of the features of this text type as well as your choice of words.  Could you add further adjectives?  Could you use synonyms? Have you used nouns for precision?  Is all your punctuation correct?

Guided Reading


LO: To offer point and evidence


Choose your level, read the text and answer the questions.  Try to use the exact words from the text where you can, even when offering your own opinion.  Remember to self mark and go back to complete any corrections.

RE and Caritas task.  On Sunday 31st January it is Caritas Sunday.  To help us understand more about Caritas and the theme for this year there is a clip to watch and task to complete.  Click on the document to open it up.