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Friday 25th September


GPS starter:

Watch the powerpoint on missing punctuation. Talk about the answers with your grown up.

Main activity

Friday 25th September

L.O: To practise comprehension skills.

Read the passage 'The Camping Trip'. Then answer the questions, using the passage to help you. Choose either the one or two star.


Mental maths starter

Practise your place value and understanding of the 100 square. Play the puzzle on the 100 square. Click "puzzle" and work out the missing numbers.

Main activity


L.O: To compare the mass of objects

Use the greater, lesser sign (charlie crocodile sign) and equals to compare the weights,

e.g 25g  <  41g 

Copy them into your book

34g    22g

53g   65g

17g   40g

75g   75g

60g   38g

149g   165g

1kg     1000g  



Watch the powerpoint, then answer these questions;-

  • How do you think the people of Ephesus felt when they heard those words?
  • Which is your favourite phrase or word and why?
  • What could you do to show you are holy and a child of God?

New beginnings can sometimes be a worrying time. Write a prayer to ask for God's help and guidance when we are faced with new beginnings.