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Friday 27th March


L.O.: To write an opening for a story set on a farm

Use your story map to write paragraph 1. Begin with ‘Once upon a time’ then set the scene and introduce the characters. 'Think, say, write, check’ each sentence for punctuation and finger spaces.

Mild: Describe the farm setting using at least 2 senses (see and hear). Describe the main character with a range of adjectives. Extend sentences with ‘and’, ‘but’

Spicy: Describe the farm setting with a range of senses. Extend sentences with ‘because’.

Hot: Include adjectives with suffixes (e.g. helpful). Extend sentences with ‘so’.


Before moving on to your next subject today, you may wish to leave enough space in your book for when we write the other paragraphs next week. Then it will be easier to make sure your story flows.


L.O.: To recall the 2, 3, 5 and 10 x tables


Use the website games under 'Maths' on Haydock's page to work on a fast recall of your times tables. Then design your own times table quiz - write 2 calculations for each times table and see how quickly you can answer them all! Can you beat your time?



Design another healthy snack - see if you can make it too!