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Friday 27th March

Friday 27th March



LO: To read and write common exception words.


Pick three sheets from the 'Common Exception Words Activity Mats' file. Complete the challenges and  extend your learning to use the common exception words in a super sentence.


Challenge: Read your favourite story and explain what you did/did not like about it.

Write a review in your book explaining why people should/shouldn't read it and give a star review (out of 5).


Mental Maths Starter: Count forwards and backwards in 2's to 20.


LO: To find missing numbers.

Complete the missing numbers template below.

Move on to complete these number sequences:







Challenge: Create your own number sequence starting at 3.



LO: To name the 4 countires of the United Kingdom.


Complete the worksheet.

(There are 3 different worksheets, so you can choose which one you wish to complete.) If you do not have a printer, then look at the map of the UK and talk about the 4 countries and the names of the seas/ oceans around us.