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Friday 27th March


Watch the powerpoint below on plurals.


Friday 27th March

L.O: To add -s and -es to make words plural.

Complete the worksheet on plurals



Mental Starter: Practise counting forwards and backward in 2s but don't always start at 0.


Main Activity


L.O: To continue a number sequence

Complete the number sequences below. Tell your grown up what each sequence is jumping in-  are the numbers jumping forwards or backwards and how many jumps each time?




Design another healthy snack - see if you can make it too!


* Selfies *

If you haven't already seen the message on Parentapp, Mrs Ashbrook has suggested that you take a selfie of you doing your online homework and then email it to the office. Teachers will then add them on to our class pages so we can see each other and all feel together and connected. What a lovely idea!