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Friday 29th January



Play the phase 6 phonics game. Look at the rule for adding suffixes. Click on the tick if you think the rule is right or on the cross if it is wrong.



Main Activity

Friday 29th January

L.O: To gather information for a non-chronological report

Watch the powerpoint on the explorer Felicity Aston and the one on modern explorers and make some notes about them. For example where they went  exploring, what achievements they had, whether they made more than one attempt etc.

Put their names as heading and then use bullet points to make some notes.


Mental Maths Starter:

Day 5 of our mental starter seems to be a repeat of earlier in the week?!- apologies. I have put a different mental starter on instead. Answer the questions on the activity mat.

Main Activity


L.O: To practise giving change



Friday 29th January

L.O: To understand who our neighbours are

This Sunday is Caritas Sunday. The theme this year is 'Who is my neighbour?'

  • What is Caritas? Caritas is the official charity for the Diocese of Salford—our Catholic family.
  • What does Caritas mean? Love for humankind—love in action.
  • Who does Caritas Salford help? The homeless; the hungry; the lonely; the isolated; those escaping violence and conflict; those without a home.

There is an attachment below explaining about Caritas Sunday and giving links and ideas for activities. Please read through it with your grown up and talk about what Caritas does and how we can help our neighbours. I want you to focus on:-

1. Read the parable or watch the video on 'The Good Samaritan' and talk through the questions.

2. There are 3 little drawing activites- choose one of them and complete it in your book.

3. There is a nice prayer at the end of the sheet that you can say together.

I have highlighted these parts in the attachment.