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Friday 29th January

Good morning and happy Friday!


We are on our last day of learning for this week.


Please remember to send me a copy of a piece of English and Maths on Purple Mash if you have not already done so for this week.  Also to complete your Purple Mash 2Do task, so I can see how you have got on.


Thank you.

Have a good weekend!


Miss Mercer :)


Next Steps: write 6 sentences - 3 beginning with a frontal adverbial for when (eg. At midnight,) and 3 beginning with frontal adverbials for where (eg. In the distance,). Remember to use a comma after the frontal adverbials.

Today, we are going to be solving problems with time.  You are going to be applying what you know and have learned.  Remember any Key Terms of Reference that could help you with this.
Today we are going to continue to build up our vocabulary.  We are going to be looking at word pairs, new vocabulary and synonyms, and then applying these in sentences.

LO: To give point and evidence

Choose your level, read the text and answer the questions.  Remember to keep looking at the text when you are answering the questions.  Remember to self mark and check where you have gone wrong for any corrections, also to self assess.

RE: Click on the task sheet, read the Scripture and complete the task