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Friday 2nd October

Friday 2nd October


Happy Friday everyone! I hope that you are all okay.

I wanted to give you today to catch up with any of the activities you might have missed, because you may have not received your work book in time or been able to start your home learning on the first day.

If you can please go back to any days or activities that you have missed and complete those today.  Remember you need to be using the amount you normally complete in a lesson as a guide, you may not fully complete each task.


Also, if you can please complete these activities:

Spelling: if you can look at week 5 words, which can be found in the homework folder on our class page and complete those in your handwriting books as you would normally do.  Look carefully at the spelling of each word as you write it.


Multiplication: try to go on Purple Mash and TTRockstars to improve your speed.  You should now be getting faster with your 2x, 5x, 10x, 3x and 6x tables.  Try to answer in less than 6 seconds.


Guided Reading: Log on to Purple Mash, click on Serial Mash then Emeralds, then the text Undercover Zoo.  Please read chapter 3 and answer the quiz and complete the bus driver and debate activities.


Reading: try to keep reading at home.  If you have finished your school books, you can read other books that you may have at home.


Have a great weekend everyone 😊