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Friday 30th April


Play the apostrophe monsters game on Spelling play.


GPS Starter.

Make 4 headings- nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs.Look through your reading book and write down examples of words in each column.

Main Activity

Friday 30th April

L.O: To write an adapted version of an animal adventure. 

Today we are writing the first part of our own adapted version of Wind in Willows. Look back at your story plan to see what you have changed. (I will photocopy your plan and send it to you on your purple mash email. I will also send you a success ladder in your email) We are just writing box 1 today, where you introduce Mr Toad and his friends and then say what vehicle he was driving before something crashes into him. He then wants whatever crashed into him and he steals one. Remember to look back at your success ladder. 



Mental Maths Starter:

Practise counting back in 1s, 2s, 5s and 10s. With 1s- start at any number- e.g 83,82 etc

Main Activity


L.O: To solve problems involving place value.

We have been looking at solving problems involving place value. Complete the word problems below.



Friday 30th April

L.O: To identify and name everyday materials.

We are looking at materials in our science topic. Look around your house and garden see what different objects are made from. Divide your page into 8 boxes. Write the headings- wood, plastic, glass, fabric, stone, rubber, paper, metal. Find some objects made from these and draw them in the correct. Label them and you can add some describing words- flexible, smooth, shiny etc.