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Friday 3rd April

English - Reading Focus

  1. Talk about your favourite book. Why do you like it? Is it fiction or non-fiction? 
  2. Complete the reading comprehension below, copying the questions and your answers into your books or by printing the sheets. (There are 3 different levels for this comprehension - you can choose which level to complete. Answers are included.)


L.O.: To describe 3D shapes

  1. View the document below to remind you about 3D shape properties.
  2. Choose at least 4 shapes and write a riddle for each one. See if anyone at home can guess the shape or maybe they could write a riddle for you! Follow this format: I have ___ edges. I have ___ vertices. I have ___ faces. My faces are _____ (curved, flat, circular etc). What am I? I am a ________


Make an Easter card for someone in your family. Include pictures and a special Easter message. 


You've made it to the Easter holiday - well done for all working so hard!  (Haydock Class and parents/carers!!) Enjoy a well deserved break everyone! Take care and stay safe.

There are extra activities under 'additional resources' if you would like them!smiley