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'With Jesus, we learn as a joyful family and flourish to be the best that we can be'

Friday 3rd December


GPS Starter:

Correct these sentences using the correct punctuation.

little red riding hood went to visit the jolly postman

have you seen the new shop in bamber bridge

what a beautiful day for a picnic

we could take sandwiches fruit crisps chocolate a drink on our picnic

take these pencils to miss whittinghams classroom


Main activity

Friday 3rd December

L.O: To add the -ed suffix to verbs.

Watch the powerpoint on adding the -ed suffix. Remember we add the -ed sometimes when we are talking in the past tense. 

Complete the worksheet on adding the -ed suffix to verbs.



Mental maths starter:

Practise counting forwards and backwards in 5s to 120. What do you notice about all the numbers?

Main activity


L.O: To recognise

Watch the powerpoint on fractions, then complete the worksheet on fractions. Choose either the 2 or 3 star.


Friday 3rd December

L.O: To retell the Christmas Story

Watch the powerpoint on the nativity. Talk to your grown up about what happened.

Draw a picture and retell the nativity story in your own words.