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Friday 4th December

English - Continue working on your new chapter. Before you start check yesterday's work and give it a 'polish.' Check your spellings and sentences to ensure they make sense. Then continue to write the next paragraph - don't forget to use you success criteria and the resources from the week.


Maths - It's 'Resilience Friday'. Today we are going to try some challenges like we did last week.Have a go and see if you can complete them! Good luck - remember, nothing is impossible! smiley


Art - Choose some natural objects from around your home and make an arrangement. Draw these and then shade them to show how the light reflects off them.


Don't forget to send a picture of your English and Maths work and then I can check this yes

You can do this by adding an attachment to an email on Purple Mash or by sending an email of your work to the school office email.


Have a great weekend! We miss you! wink