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'With Jesus, we learn as a joyful family and flourish to be the best that we can be'

Friday 5th March


Immediate Engagement: Record a list of bossy (imperative) verbs.


LO: To perform a persuasive advert.

In this lesson we recap our new persuasive advert and perform it by memory.


Please click on the link below.



This week we will be revising Phase 3 sounds ng, igh and ai.

Please visit PhonicsPlay to access games focusing on these sounds. You could play Picnic on Pluto, Dragon's Den or Buried Treasure. 

You could also play Tricky Word Trucks!

**If your child is more confident, please use the PhonicsPlay website to explore games and resources for Phase 4 and Phase 5.** 


Immediate Engagement: Explore position and direction.

With your grown up, explore position and direction at home. Can you guide your grown up around the room with simple instructions? For example, take two steps forward, turn left, take three steps forward, turn right.

EXT: Extend your learning to follow instructions given by your grown up


LO: To identify half, quarter and three quarter turns.

In this lesson we will be exploring half, quarter and three quarter turns.


Please click on the link below.

LO: To recognise the parish family.

Use the pictures from Church’s Story 2 pages 22-25 from the Come and See website to illustrate this session. The parish family gathers at Mass to share Jesus’ meal; the celebration of the Last Supper.The parish family also comes together to celebrate at other times. Talk about the occasions when that may occur, Christmas, the feast day of the saint to whom the church is dedicated, Pentecost etc.


Look at the pictures and discuss the key questions below with your grown up:

  • Who is at these gatherings?
  • What are the members of the parish family doing?
  • Why are they happy?
  • What is good about coming together as a parish family?


Using the picture from Church’s Story 2 pages 22-23 talk about what is happening and why you think people are happy? How are they sharing God’s love?  Use speech bubbles to show what people could be saying to each other as they celebrate together or record three sentences explaining how we feel and share God's love.


Next, retell what is happening at one of the parish celebration days as if you were one of the children in the picture. What would you enjoy?


Happy Friday everyone!

Hope you're all okay.

Don't forget to send me one piece of English and one piece of Maths if you haven't already done so.

Have a lovely weekend.smiley