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Friday 5th March

Happy Friday!


Well done for working hard all week.  Please remember to send me the pictures of your work from this week if you haven't already done so. 


If you didn't complete the 2 RE tasks from yesterday, don't forget to do this as part of Next Steps this morning.  If you need help, please email me on Purple Mash.


Thank you :)

Next Steps: test yourself or ask an adult to test you on the spelling words for this week.  For any that you get wrong, use our No Nonsense spelling techniques to practice again.  Good luck!
Today you are going to be looking at the language that the author uses.  Again we have done this when we look at a new text.  We have talked about nouns for precision, for example bungalow rather than house, or words specifically for the topic for example: scientist, experiment etc if it was about Science. We have also looked at the effect on the reader for some words - how they make them feel. Try to apply all previous learning when you are looking at language in any text.
In today's lesson, we will be solving multiplication equations using the distributive law. We will use arrays and area models to represent our calculations.

LO: To retrieve information


Choose your level - try to challenge yourself with the level that you choose.  Read the text and answer the questions, using the exact words if you can.  For any corrections, go back to the text to check why you have gone wrong.  Self assess your learning when you finish.


Open the document to complete the task for this week.  The Knowledge Organiser is there if you need it.


Next week will be British Science Week and the theme is 'innovating the future'.  There are some activities on the document I have chosen for you that you could try after the Science lesson, if you have not done so already during the week..