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Friday 7th May


GPS Starter:

Complete the GPS activity mat (3 star)

Main Activity

Friday 7th May

L.O: To write an animal adventure story (hot write)

Today, is our hot write. We are putting together all of our work this week and writing an animal adventure story, based on Mr Toad and Wind in the Willows. Think about all the things we need to include- adjectives with suffixes, adverbs, exclamation and question marks, different sentence starters etc. Think back to your plan and what you have changed. When you have finished, re-read your work and check that it makes sense. Can you improve it in any way? 


Mental Maths Starter:

Order these numbers from largest to smallest:-

15, 37, 174, 601, 73, 160, 18, 30, 106

Main Activity


L.O: To use a range of strategies to solve problems

Work through the activity cards and use different strategies to work out your calculations and check your answers. (Practise using the inverse.) Talk to your grown up about how you can work out your calculations and how you can check them.



Friday 7th May

L.O: To identify characteristics of some countries of the UK

Use Google Earth and zoom in on UK. Revise the 4 countries that make up the UK- England, Scotland, Wales and N Ireland. Tell your grown up what you have learnt so far. This week we will be learning a little bit more about Wales. Watch the powerpoint and read the fact file cards about Wales. Then you are going to write a postcard, pretending you have been to Wales on holiday. Think about things you may have done there, climbed up Snowdon, gone to the beach, visited a castle etc. What might you have eaten?

Use the word bank and the postcard template to help you.