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Friday 8th January


Immediate Engagement: Can you unscramble the words below to create super sentences?

  • cat the the sat down mat on 
  • dog the fast ran very
  • happy am I so Friday is it because


Re-write the sentences using capital letters and full stops in the right places. 


LO: To write a story.

Today we are going to write the last part of our own stories.


You will use your own character instead of Jack to create your own version of 'Jack and the Beanstalk'. 


Add pictures to your finished story.


EXT 1: When your story is finished, please check for any mistakes with your grown up and think about any improvements you could make. 

EXT 2: Write a review of your story telling people what is good about it and why they should read it. 



Immediate Engagement: Finish the number patterns and identify the pattern (counting in 2's, 5's or 10's).

  • 12, 14, __, 18, __., __, 
  • 15, 20, __, 30, __, 40, __, 
  • 30, 40, 50, __, __, __, 90, __


LO: To solve addition problems related to money. 

We have done lots of work together in school about 'addition', and we know to use careful counting to help us find the answers. Today, we are going to link these to money (p).


Look at the addition problems below and work with your grown up to find the answer. 

  • 11+4=
  • 16+5=
  • 14+9=
  • 12+6=
  • 11+9=
  • 21+4=
  • 20+6=
  • 21+6=


Now, think about these calculations if they looked like this:

11p+4p= (The answer would be the same). 


We can link our addition calculations to adding money. Look at the money addition problems below:

  • 6p+5p=
  • 11p+5p=
  • 10p+5p=
  • 14p+5p=
  • 20p+4p=
  • 21p+5p=
  • 19p+5p=


EXT: Extend your learning to create a money addition problem for your grown up to solve. 


Phonics and reading

Please look at the Phonics games and resources available on our class webpage:

  • Home learning- Useful Websites
  • Additional Resources 


Please continue to read for 10 minutes each day with your child. Home reading can include books from home and the ones you have from school. smiley





Topic: Design and Technology

LO: To design a healthy meal.

What is a healthy diet? Talk to your grown up about what this means and why it is important.

Can you name three fruits and three vegetables? 


Design a healthy sandwich. Include three healthy and varied fillings in your design. 


EXT: Extend your learning to describe your healthy sandwich design in three sentences. 




LO: To move with skill. 

Find a safe space to complete the 'Get Moving with Disney' video below. Take care and have fun!



Peter Pan | Get Moving With Disney Family by Disney Family

We're off to Never Land! Follow the leader in a fun-filled fitness adventure for the whole family! Move like Peter Pan, Tinker Bell, Captain Hook, and more...

Keeping in touch 🐝


Don’t forget to send me photos of your wonderful work.

Please send pictures of one piece of English and one piece of Maths work each week. I will also set weekly 2Do's for you to complete. 

You can send your photos to me on Purple Mash using 2Email. 

If you need help to do this, information is available on our class page. smiley