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Friday 8th January


GPS Starter:

Watch the powerpoint on creating adverbs by adding -ly suffix. Just work through the powerpoint and when it says write a sentence or write the words, just say your answer to your grown up instead. (The story in our main activity is quite long, so we will make our GPS starter a little shorter.)

Main activity

Friday 8th January

L.O: To make predictions based on what has been read so far.

Our focus in English at the moment is stories by the same author. Today, we are going to read another story by Simon Bartram. Look at the cover of the story 'The Man on the Moon'. Talk to your grown up about what the story might be about. Read to the end of page 8 with your grown up. (Don't forget, we are trying to add more expression and intonation in our voices.) When you get to the end of page 8, stop and talk to your grown up about what might happen in the rest of the story. What do you think Bob's job might be on the moon?  What things might he do everyday? Do you think he enjoys his job?

Next, write a prediction about what might happen in the rest of the story. Think about Bob's journey to the moon and what sort of things he might do when he gets there. Try to include how Bob might be feeling.  

After you have finished your prediction, read the rest of the story with your grown up and see if you were right!


Mental Maths:

Practise your number bonds to 10 and 20 on the 'Hit the button' game.

Main Activity


L.O: To understand place value (2 or 3 digits)

Watch the oak academy lesson on place value (either 2 or 3 digits). Talk to your grown up about what each digit means and its value.


Have a go at one of the differentiated maze sheets on place value. 



l.O: To stretch and exercise different parts of the body

Watch and join in with the abc exercise/movement video. This links to our work on alphabetical order from yesterday. (The only letter I am not sure about is U- upside down. In the video, they ask you to do handstands. Check with your grown up first and whether you have enough room. If your grown up says no, they are not happy about you trying handstands, then change it to 'under' and see how many different ways you can make one part of your body go underneath another. For example, curl up with your head tucked under your body or walk with your hands under your feet. Enjoy the exercise and watch out for little brothers, sisters and the furniture!