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Friday 8th January


Friday 8th January

L.O.: To explore expanded noun phrases


Warm up: Say whether these words could be adjectives, verbs, nouns, or adverbs:

smooth, table, elephant, running, carefully, ran, tall, green, Preston, slowly.


Why does 'Preston' have a capital letter?

Remember, they could belong to more than one group, depending on where and how they are used in the sentence. For example: 'The girl was dancing.' (Dancing is a verb here). 'The girl wore her dancing shoes.' (Dancing is an adjective here - it describes the shoes). 


Follow the link below for the main lesson. Think about how much writing you normally produce in a lesson at school. Try to add further examples after the video lessons. Today, you could find a picture in a book and write expanded noun phrases about what you can see. 

Reading: After completing your 15 minutes of reading today, design a new front cover for a book of your choice. What key information do you need to add to it? 



L.O.: To construct pictograms


Warm up: Practise your times tables. Choose from the 2, 3, 4, 5 and 10 times table. Remember to try the links on our class page for maths games, such as TT Rockstars. 


Then follow the link below for the main lesson.



L.O.: To learn how to create a spreadsheet and make a bar graph


You will need to log on to Purple Mash to complete this lesson, then use the instructions below. The unit for this half term is Spreadsheets. There is an option on Purple Mash to save your work in your file. smiley

Have a good weekend!smileyyes