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Friday 8th January

I hope you've all had a great first week. If you haven't already, please can you make sure to take a picture of one piece of English, and one piece of Maths  from the week (only 2 pieces altogether, not one each day) and email it to me on purple mash. I will set 2Do's for you to complete as well. Missing you all!


Miss Khan heart


LO:To use exclamation marks


Immediate Engagement:

Continue this sentence, "I was just walking down the road when suddenly..." Use an exclamation mark to finish your sentence!


Main Task:

Talk to a grown up about a command or statement sentence using an exclamation mark. For example, "Go downstairs!" and "I'm so excited!" Write down some sentences using an exclamation mark. 

Try to use an adjective and a conjunction in your sentence to extend it.


EXT: Can you think of some adjectives to describe your week at home and put these into a sentence.


LO: To find number patterns


Immediate Engagement: 

Write down even numbers.

Count up in 2's starting from 0 up to 24. 


Main Task:

Look at the number patterns and think about if they are going up in 2's, 3's, 5's or 10's. Complete the sheet.


Ext: Complete the number sequences sheet.

Purple Mash


I have set you lots of 2Do's on Purple Mash smiley


LO: To move with skill


Find a safe space to complete the 'Jungle Exercise for Kids' video. Enjoy!

Jungle Exercise for Kids | Indoor workout for Children | No Equipment PE Lesson for Kids

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