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Friday 9th October

Happy Friday everyone!


For your last day of home learning, the activities are: English, Maths, Guided Reading, RE and Times tables.


Spelling: start writing down the words for week 6 in your homework handwriting book ready to hand in next week.


English: To write a prediction

Today you are going to think about what you think is going to happen next in the story of The Firework Maker and write a prediction.  Remember when writing a prediction, you need to apply what you already know about the story and the characters.  It needs to make sense that this could happen.  Try to write reasons why you think that your prediction will happen.  Don't just write I think that .... will happen next.  We will talk about your predictions when we return to school next week, so really think about how you will explain to the class about your prediction.


Maths: To apply understanding of place value to solve fluency and reasoning questions

Complete the White Rose questions.  Really think about why you think it is the answer.


Maths: To apply understanding of addition and subtraction

There is a double Maths task today.  Complete some of the addition and subtraction calculations.  We will be applying these methods to Maths work over the next few weeks.


Guided Reading: complete the activity sheet.  There are different levels to choose from.  Remember when marking your work, go back to any that you got wrong and try to work out why.  Try to use the exact words from the text where you can.


RE: LO: To show understanding of Judaism, the Torah and Bar Mitzvah

Using everything you have learnt this week about Judaism, the Torah and Bar/Bat Mitzvah, you need to create an information poster explaining all about it.  Remember to use: a heading, sub-headings, text boxes, pictures and captions. Make it appealing to the reader with the way that you set it out and the colours that you use.  


Well done everyone for working so hard at home.  I am really looking forward to seeing you all next week!


Have a great weekend everyone :)