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Friday R.E

Friday 21st May

LO: To make links between the stories of the Ten Commandments, the Beatitudes and other texts studied and belief in God’s rules for living freely and the responsibility this brings.                                  


LF1: The giving of the Ten Commandments


People who want to live or work together make rules for themselves.  The rules give them freedom to live as they wish, but at the same time, be responsible for the happiness of the whole group.  Thank you for the posters you sent me yesterday! They were brilliant and you had some great ideas about rules and responsibility.


The following story is found in the Book of Exodus, which is the story of the Israelites’ journey from Egypt to the Promised Land.  The book of Exodus is one of the five books which make up the Jewish Torah or law, which you learned about last year. When you have finished the following story, have a look at the images of the terrain around Mount Sinai I have uploaded.


After Moses led the Israelites from slavery in Egypt, they wandered in the desert for many years.  They were glad they were free, but it was hard going at times.  Sometimes they were hungry and thirsty, then they began to grumble.  But God provided for them, in spite of their grumbles they knew that God was with them leading and guiding them. 


As they made their way through the desert they lived together as a community learning to care for each other’s needs, but above all learning to know and worship the God who had saved them.  When they reached a very high mountain called Mount Sinai, Moses ordered the people to camp at the foot of it and not to climb its slopes, because it is God’s mountain. Moses himself began to climb and asked the people to pray that God would teach them the laws which would bring them together as a people. Moses stayed on the mountain for a very long time, praying and talking with God.  Then he returned to God’s people and gave them God’s Laws: The Ten Commandments.  These were to help the people to live in freedom and to be responsible for their actions.




  1. Why are rules necessary to enable people to co-exist successfully?
  2. Why was this particularly true for the Israelites wandering in the desert?
  3. In what way do rules and laws bring freedom to people who follow them?
  4. Why did Moses feel it was his duty to seek advice from God on rules to live by?
  5. Would all the rules necessarily be about religious belief and practice?  Why?
  6. Why would the Israelites accept these rules from Moses?


Your activity (choose just one)


  • Prepare the speech/prayer that Moses made to God when asking for his help to establish the rules by which they were to live.
  • Having read God’s Story 3 pages 24-26, write a diary entry as an Israelite complaining about the situation you found yourself in.  Explain why you would be willing to accept God’s Laws from Moses.


Have a read through of this before starting your activity please :-)