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This week for SPaG I want you to have a go at solving a mystery! 


The Great British SPaG Off – Who killed the Chef?


Read the story pdf first.

There are a set of 5 clues all relating to different areas of SPaG we have covered before. Have a go at a clue each day and hopefully by Friday, you will have found out who the baddie is! (I will put on some documents to remind you of the areas of SPaG you may have forgotten)


I have uploaded all the clues in one go and on Friday, I will upload the answers! Good luck and if you need any help, email me on Purple Mash.smiley

The Determiners Song

You remember how much we loved singing in our class and learning songs to remember things! (I particularly miss you all performing the parenthesis song)
So here is a little song to help you with what a "determiner" is. It is needed for one of your clues.

Animated Grammar Guides: Determiners

Some more support for what a determiner is.

As promised, here are the answers!! How did you get on? Email me on Purple Mash to let me know :-)