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Growing our own plants

Follow Ward class as they go on a journey to grow their own plants. Every week we will be updating this page to see how well 'Tom' (broad bean plant) and 'Jerry' (tomato plant) do in their journey to grow and flourish.

Week 1

Week 2

This week, we have been watering the plants and keeping them near the window to let the sun in. We have noticed that the broad beans (Tom) have started to grow. The tomatoes (Jerry) haven't started to grow yet. We think tomatoes take a little longer to grow because they need heat and water to encourage them to grow. It has been a sunny week, so hopefully we will see a difference next week. 

Week 3

Wow! Look at what a difference can be made in one week. Despite the cold and blustery weather AND no sun, Tom (broad bean plant) and Jerry (tomato plant) have grown quite a lot. Lets see what changes will happen over the Easter holidays. 

Week 4/5/6

We would like to thank Mr Ballard for taking Tom (broad bean plant) and Jerry (tomato plant) home over the Easter holidays. He watered the plants and put them in a place where the sun would shine down on them. He also potted the plants for us and can you see what a big difference 2 weeks has made?

Update - Week 7

This week, we are bringing you good news and bad news. The good news is that Tom and Jerry are blooming and very healthy. The bad news is that we have had to re-home the plants as there was not enough space in the pots for the plants to grow. Luckily, we have planted the plants in the science garden and look forward to visiting them and checking that they are still healthy and growing. Keep your eyes peeled for any future updates!