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WWII Workshop

What a fantastic time we had in the WWII workshop with 'History Alive'! 

We started by getting dressed into our outfits, the boys were dressed like their dads in waistcoats, cravats and a flat cap, while the girls were dressed in overdresses and headscarves to protect their clothes. 

We looked at different artefacts from a typical WWII house, including irons, baths, kettles, cleaning and kitchen utensils and we even got to smell different soaps from WWII. We talked about rationing and got to explore a real ration book. She even brought a real gas mask! 


The children were fantastic and had so many questions to ask. They really got into the role of a child in WWII and have since done a diary entry in the role of a child affected by the war. 


Well done Mary class! You were a credit to the school during the workshop, keep up the hard work!