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Home Learning (from 4.11.20)

Please log in to Purple Mash to access your weekly guided reading tasks (read the selected text, answer questions about it and write your own ending) and an additional 2Do. Remember to complete your weekly homework, which is online as usual. You could test yourself on Thursday afternoon, just like we do in school!



This week is our assessment week so we will be completing reading, spelling and maths tests in school. Today, have a go at the reading test below.

Spelling Session: Revise different ways of making the 'ay' sound. For example, ai, ay, a-e, eigh, ey, ei. List words containing the 'ay' sound and try writing them in a sentence.

Maths Revision Session: Practise your 2, 3, 4, 5 and 10 x tables, doubles and halves of numbers, addition and subtraction of 2 and 3 digit numbers (draw the Base 10, regrouping if necessary) and number bonds to 100.

Year 3 Spelling Patterns Test: See the words to be tested on below.

RE: 'L.O.: To recognise and understand the Litany of Saints' - see attached plan. Focus on the research activity and use our class saint (William Marsden), St. Mary or St. Benedict.


Maths: End of unit assessment questions - see sheet below

Spelling: Think about our work on homophones (same sound, different meaning). List as many as you can. For example, sun and son. Can you explain the meaning? 

Reading assessment: See below

Writing: 'Cold Write' - read the fable (a short story with a moral, usually told by animals). What does it teach us? What can we learn from it? Retell it in your own words. Think about your ongoing writing success criteria (punctuation, conjunctions, paragraphs, different sentence openers etc.).

P.E.: Find a safe space to create a short sequence, including a 'travel, jump and balance'. How many different versions can you think of? Remember to bend your knees as you land your jump!

Don't forget your homework test today!


Maths - Practise your times tables using one of our website games (2, 3, 4, 5 and 10 x tables). Then try the assessment below. (We are completing a maths assessment in school today.)

English - Complete the reading comprehension below. 

RE - See plan below